BREAKING: Hillary Bombshell – Tape RELEASED

In one of the most powerful confirmations that Hillary was unfit to be in power, a supposed “comedy video” released over the weekend shows Hillary blasting President Trump and attorney general William Barr in the most unfunny and cringe-worthy tape of the year.

Comedian Jordan Klepper made the video, which seeks to humanize the Clintons, but it only makes them look more weird and grotesque.

If you’re interested in hearing Bill Clinton talk about his love for goats, or you’ve been waiting to hear Hillary’s take on almond milk, this is your video.

Worse still is Hillary’s attempt to read the Mueller report as an audiobook, complete with a pathetic imitation of Trump.

Not only is Hillary grindingly unfunny, but she’s bad at communicating in general – a fact that ironically highlighted in the video as she is encouraged to put more passion into her reading.

Her version of more passion sounds robotic and grating, vintage Hillary Clinton.

Watch the full video here:

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