The Senate Democrats appear to have claimed another scalp – days after Trump nominee Herman Cain took himself out of consideration for the Federal Reserve board, another Trump nominee has announced that he too is out of the running – unless he can proceed without hurting Republican’s chances.

Stephen Moore, co-author of the book Trumponomics, and a renowned economist and columnist, made the announcement Friday.

Moore has been criticized heavily since his nomination on a variety of charges, ranging from the absurd to the petty.

As he told Fox anchor Neil Cavuto:

If this a debate about my economic credentials and economic record, I’m going to win 55 to 60 votes,”

Senate Republicans need to grow a spine.

They have a majority in the Senate and a president who understands the economy and has a stellar record of nominating the right people for the job.

They need to push Trump’s nominations through – or face the consequences in 2020.

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