BREAKING: Bill Clinton Anniversary Shocker – This Is Gross

This is particularly shameful, even for a man without shame.

Bill Clinton, one of the most feckless and reprehensible presidents in modern history, is now using the anniversary of the Columbine Massacre as an opportunity to get a little time in the spotlight for himself.

According to Breitbart, Clinton penned an op-ed for the Denver Post, which bragged about his own gun legislation in the 90’s, before calling for more gun control in cities like Chicago.

Because that’s been working so well – oh wait, it hasn’t.

Bill Clinton is a gross and shameless self-promoter, and the reality is that he doesn’t think twice about using the anniversary of a horrible event in American history for his own selfish purposes.

In this case, he’s desperate to remain relevant in a world that’s passed him by. And this latest disgusting stunt shows why he’s better relegated to permanent irrelevance.

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