Bill Barr Makes THE Decision – Democrats Furious

July 31, 2019

Attorney General William Barr has placed more restrictions on asylum seekers, saying that being a member of a family being harassed by a gang is not a sufficient cause for seeking asylum, absent any other circumstances, the Daily Caller reported.

Barr ruled on Monday to overturn a previous decision made by Board of Immigration Appeals, which had stated that a family was a “particular social group” and that those whose family members were being harassed might qualify for asylum on that basis.

Since just about everyone is part of a family, it would make asylum claims too broad, Barr argued. “There is no evidence that Congress intended the term ‘particular social group’ to cast so wide a net.”

There are some instances in which being a member of a prominent family may be sufficient to get asylum statues, but it s not a blanket guarantee.

President Donald Trump announced on Friday that the U.S. had reached a Safe Third Country agreement with Guatemala so that asylum seekers would have to apply there rather than pass through seeking U.S. citizenship.

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